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Core Values & Business Practices

We act as Independent Financial Advisers and this status brings with it a duty of care to act in the best interests of our clients.


We aim to provide a professional, yet friendly and approachable service focused on:


Genuine Client Suitability

Management of Client Expectations

A Robust and Repeatable Investment Management Service

Choice and Flexibility

Transparency and Value for Money


We regularly examine our existing business practices to ensure they are fair, efficient, and in line with current regulatory requirements.  The management team actively seeks out examples of best business practice and advice processes, to learn from others and to bring improvements to our own business so that our clients can benefit further.


Underpinning our advice to our clients, we have the following ‘Core Values’ which are the guiding principles that we follow:


Core beliefs for our client service


We will get to know our clients and earn their trust

We will communicate to our clients in plain English, avoiding industry jargon wherever possible

We will operate with openness and transparency at all times

We will treat our clients as we would want to be treated ourselves

We will follow a ‘Six Step Process’ in creating a financial plan:


  1. Initial consultation

  2. Analysis and Research

  3. Prepare Recommendations

  4. Discuss and refine recommendations

  5. Implementation

  6. Ongoing Review (where required)


Core beliefs for running our business


We will ensure clarity of information on our services

We will ensure clarity on the cost of our services and the methods available for paying our costs

We will ensure freedom from conflicts of interest in the advice process

We will maintain high professional standards through Continued Professional Development

We will ensure that we treat customers fairly


Core beliefs for the Products and Providers we recommend


They will be selected from the ‘whole of market’

They will be flexible and adaptable to our clients’ needs

They will not be unnecessarily complex, ensuring clarity for our clients

Their charges will be clear and fair

They will have undergone our Due Diligence to ensure suitability

Their product features will be relevant to our clients’ needs

They will be relevant to our way of doing business


Core beliefs for the Investment Portfolios we construct


We prefer Multi-Asset funds

We prefer Multi-Manager funds

We prefer Multi-National funds

We prefer Risk rated and Risk managed funds

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